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Bitch, I AIN'T Cho Chang!

How I am spending my day today:

Pepper jack cheese on whole-wheat bread.

A Very Potter Musical (I'm starting act 2 as I speak).

Singing "Taylor, the Latte Boy". No reason in particular.

Making more collage pieces.

Maybe some drawing; right now, I'm having too much fun burning and ripping shit up and calling it "art".

Possibly jumping-rope, though it's hot right now, so I'm content stuffing my face and doing the aforementioned.


Reading more of Candy Girl. Very funny, so far.

Calling mother about the dresses and the shoe money and the bonds (whoo-hoo....)

Figure out what-the-Franz-Ferdinand to do with this wooden pagoda-y thing I've acquired.

Writing a better thing than this piece-o-piddle.

Daydreaming. So-to-speak. Le sigh.

It's...actually, kind of a lot of business going on for someone who has no life. Good girl.


For being the cleverest witch of your age you sure are a dumb ass.

Oh! Ten points to Dumbledore!